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Friday, December 17, 2004

Investment for old age

Over time I have often wondered - when I grow old, will I sit on my porch in a rocking chair reminiscing of old times, recreating in my mind events of the past as if they were yesterday? Will I hug that Technicolor crocheted blanket to my now hairy chin and say "Aaah, those were the days...We used to have two pints of milk delivered everyday then you know, a battery operated float that whirred through the streets holding up traffic. And the bottles were made of glass. Made of glass I tell you. It's not like that now you know... there's no such thing as the pint anymore. It's all exploding cartons and cut your lip plastic...blah, blah, blah".

Not bloody likely!

I can't remember in any great detail what happened last week, let alone decades gone by. And it staggers me how old people do it. Now you might say it's probably just as well that I suffer from the agonising mental torture of retrograde amnesia rather than inflict the kind of wild irrelevant ramblings displayed above on the rest of the world and I would whole heartedly agree.

But not knowing what I have done with the 84 years of this life just as I am about to waft onto another ethereal plain of existence bothers me. Keep-me-up-at-night kind of bothers me. What if I am the last one in my generation to cark it and I've nothing to remember to while away those last few days? Who knows what bombs that I may of hidden that may go off without any explanation or motive? And you wouldn't know either because I probably forgot to tell you.

So this blog is a "Memoria Technica" to help me remember what was that enjoyed so much about yesterday. I wanted to call the blog that too but someone obviously remembered to beat me to it. Another thing I noticed was that there are about 353,000 blogs out there that use the term "Chronic". What a bunch of self-depreciating whiny hypochondriacs we are.


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