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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Rules are meant to be broken...duh!

I had no idea that blogs existed until about two months ago. Talk about living under a rock. I've always had an interest in the culture and design of websites so this new media came as a bit of a welcome kick in the pants. Perhaps someone had told me about blogging before, maybe over a pint in the pub or something and I just somehow forgot.

Anyhow, after straying onto Radio 2's Miles Mendoza's Website of the Day, I discovered not only the solution to my life-long memory problem but also the creative inspiration required to start a blog of my own. I like is the perfect introduction to weblogs, with its simple and clean design and "how the hell did you come across that Anne?" links to other visit-worthy sites. And when she publishes something that I also like, well, the thrilling coincidence gives me goose bumps and makes me feel a little bit hip and cool. I like I like A lot.

In building up the nerve to create my own blog and banish my techno-fears (can't remember foreign languages - so I wouldn't bother trying to sell me html), I discovered many great blogs. I also discovered that some bloggers take this whole thing a bit seriously. According to some, there are rules for writing blogs. I'll summarise as follows:

1. Thou shalt create a blog not in one's own image and should always consider the reader as King.

2. Thou shalt always provide a means for the King to pass comment.

3. Thou shalt always provide the King with blogroll.

4. Thou shalt not waste the King's time explaining why they have been unable to post recent blogs whether it be due to busy work schedules, visits from long lost Aunts or nursing sick children. One should just get on with it.

5. Thou shalt edit ones posts and then edit them again. The King does not permit non-working words.

Somewhere along the line, it seems that the Blog-Nazis were invited.

Screw that! aren't going to confiscate my blog just because I not conforming to what the blogeoisie consider to be the purpose of writing a blog. If someone wants to read this then that's cool. And if they don't...well the outcome is a little irrelevant isn't it?

As Dr. Frank-N-Furter might proclaim whilst thrusting his rubber-gloved finger at Janet, "I didn't make it for you!"


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