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Thursday, December 23, 2004

More retrospective blogging.

This is a necessity right now seeing as 2004 is nearly over and by the time 2005 hits, so will my memory of it. This year I have been guided by music, books, tv re-runs, photographs, food, films, trips to new places, trips to old places. In fact, you might say that this entry could parady a well known Saturday supplement.

2004 was a significant year although I can't quite place why. Perhaps it was a little more eventful than others. Maybe I stopped listening so much to my inner voice and the voices of those around me. I have found this year to be thoroughly inspiring but I feel that this is all stored somewhere to be unleased in 2005. Let's just hope I don't just go and forget what it was.

The following entries are laundry lists of the kind of things I would like to remember about 2004 and take into 2005 with me.


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