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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Gigs of 2004

I've probably been to fewer gigs this year but I think maybe I've seen more bands, if that makes any sense. T In The Park certainly racked up the number of artists on my 2004 Band-Bedpost but there were fewer trips to Rock City than 2003.

The Rescue Rooms definitely became my favourite venue of 2004 thanks to its many hidden compartments and intimate gigs. I am very sad that on reflection though, we didn't go to The Maze once this year.

1. The Bees - The Rescue Rooms - Sat 9 Oct 04

This was definitely the gig of 2004. They expanded so much energy, I was surprised to see members of the band hanging out after the gig had finished. I found this poster under a chair at the front and one of the band kindly went backstage and got all of them to sign it (see also later post about best buys of 2004).

2. Barenaked Ladies - Carling Academy - Thu 6 May 04

Again, this gig rates because of everything they gave on stage. I haven't listed any of the Ladies new stuff in my radio singles or album lists because it wasn't the best I'd heard from them. However, I did a couple of trips in the car with Everything to Everyone CD just because it reminded me of how great this gig was. I also managed to fight of some girl next to me for Steve Page's pic.

3. The Delays - T In The Park - Sat 10 July 04

Just divine. That is all that needs to be said.

4. PJ Harvey - Rock City - Wed 8 Sept 04

This gig makes it, not just because I was able to see her giving it up close and personal compared to what I saw at Leeds 2001. This is the gig where I felt strange stirrings in the force and thought early on "if I don't bump into my old house-mate here I never will".

About 5 minutes later I bumped into my old housemate as predicted. We had originally gone to the Leeds festival together in 2001 to see PJ among other artists but sadly lost touch after we both moved on in 2002. It was great to make contact again and get caught in the headlights of PJ's colour changing shoes like the startled bunnies we were.


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