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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Summer 2005 Highlights

I have had absolutely no inclination to post over the summer whatsoever. I think I suffered a case of flickeritis. The soundtrack to my summer was pictures and not words. Maybe that's how the season's work? In the winter, it's dark and cold - not great conditions for taking photographs so my only other creative output is this. And in the summer, I don't want to be chained to a computer with my thoughts. Quicker to snap, upload and then head back outside into the sunshine for some more.

Best briefly summarise the summer though - for the benefit of my long-term memory or lack there of. Here are July-September 2005 Highlights:

tunes to remember summer '05

Sufjan Stevens - Come On Feel The Illinois

This has been my album of the summer for sure. I won it on the Gideon Coe show on BBC 6 Music in the daily Paint Box Jury competition. I guessed correctly a Jesus Jones album cover and was rewarded with the Sufjan Stevens CD above along with The Subways - Young For Eternity (Q Magazine says "crackles with the cocky, hormonal exuberance of youth" - that quote made me laugh) and Joseph Arthur - Our Shadows Will Remain ("ooo. er. weird" - Me). I think I need to give Joseph Arthur's another go.

Back to Sufjan though - this album is magical and creepy all at the same time. One of the tracks is about a renown serial killer John Wayne Gacy Jr ("the clown that killed"), but you can't help adore it. So good, I wrote a review on emusic.

Little Barrie - We Are Little Barrie

Another download from emusic. Really fun to listen to, full of grooves. Sounds like it was recorded in my kitchen.

Foo Fighters - In Your Honor

I bought this for Lando C's birthday. Had me dreaming about Dave Grohl for weeks though. Like it.

flicks to remember summer '05

With Lando C working in London for the best part of two and a half months I've not been to the movies or seen many DVD's or films. I think watching films is an experience I enjoy sharing with someone else. Here's what I managed though:

books to remember summer '05

Julian Baggini - The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten: And Ninety Nine Other Thought Experiments

It's taking me a while to churn through this. Sometimes I don't have the state of mind to question the world.

Gayla Trail - The You Grow Girl: The Groundbreaking Guide to Gardening


Douglas Coupland - Eleanor Rigby

It took me a matter of days to read this book whilst traveling around Tuscany. It touched me (in a totally good way).

During the summer, I was also into

First Born

Rosemary and Thyme Cuttings

New Toy!!

Growing things, taking cuttings of other things and ooooo - I bought a Holga on ebay. I also learned how to make Guacamole. This is the best recipe ever. It was like a summer of discovery.

I also had some old disposable cameras developed, some of which had been draw-bound for 5 years! Here is one of my favourites from a black and white disposable Kodak. This was taken nearly 3 years ago now and features Lando C and our old buddy Milos on the bed in a rather swanky London hotel. It was Milos' last night in the UK before heading back to Canada. The day before this his father had passed away unexpectedly.

Jagger and Bowie in Bed

About this picture - as ex-wife, Ange Bowie once said ""I never said they were having sex. They were just passed out drunk on the bed."

And finally, during summer '05 I visited

Leaning Tower Landscape

200 tourist points to me.


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