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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

June 2005 Highlights

June was a strange month. The business was really busy at times with European Clubs 2005 getting ever nearer. I think Lando C and I were just gunning for July where we could learn to breathe again. Really June was all about Barbecue Wishing (the weather sucked), Badly Sprained Ankles, and a short stay at a really weird but very homely B&B in Eastbourne.

tunes to remember june '05

Elliot Smith - From a Basement Hill

I love this album. It is one long trip in a wist-wagon.

Kaiser Chiefs - Employment

Great one for the car this. Yelling "Ooooooooh!" at the traffic is very alleviating.

Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger

I was really hoping to love this album but was so disappointed pretty much instantly. I love "The Coast is Always Changing" especially as it has about 3 catchy riffs sandwiched together and the lyrics are genius. The other tracks though feature continually self-referencing storylines (it's all about "I" and "Me") that really started to grate me after the first two plays.

flicks to remember june '05

It's been a great month for movies. Sin City and Garden State are definitely up there on the Christmas DVD list.

books to remember june '05

Douglas Adams - A Trilogy in Five Parts


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