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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Still No Popcorn...

...but Flickr is very filling right now.

I've started a new pool called "Get The Message?" to collect "Any type of hand-written or hand-typed anonymous message or note or sign that makes you smile or just plain scared. The more hand-made, out of nowhere and abruptly personal the better."

Lately I've been thinking my photographs are becoming a little predictable and I've wanted to change direction to something a little more on the day-to-day documentary side. Nothing to serious, just taking pictures of quirky stuff that happens around here.

Day 1: Take That You Bastard.

The key to the new direction I guess is taking my camera everywhere. And it paid off. I'd been driving around all morning doing errands for the business and was wondering if I would head home on my first day empty handed. Then I spotted this car outside our storage facility in town. I couldn't believe it. I nearly wet myself laughing, snapped the shot and then got the hell out of there. And a new Flickr Pool was born.


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