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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Shock Tactics

At last. The kick in the arse has arrived. And what a large arse it is.

Yesterday I saw some photographs taken last weekend at the tournament which have been published on our team group. I had no idea that I had become so fat. I mean really fat.

It's strange how you have no comprehension of what you really look like and how you appear to those around you. I knew I'd put on weight here and there but not this.

And I can see how it happened. You catch a glimpse of yourself in a shop window or in the bathroom mirror in the morning. And as soon as you see yourself, you automatically suck it in and straighten yourself without thinking. They say the camera never lies and never has that saying rang so true.

Above everything, the self-loathing, the shock and the realisation, I am just plainly embarrassed. Within 30 minutes of seeing them, I was in the gym for the first time in about 4 months.

About time.

On a lighter note - I love these butterfly collections (thanks to I Like).


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