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Monday, June 13, 2005

Impending Deafness

We have many appointments with amps of varying shapes and sizes this week and I look forward to my impending deafness and permanent ringing in the ears.

Tonight we're going to see Ben Folds at the Octagon, Sheffield. It's a rescheduled date from last year and I'm looking forward to reliving some old memories in my university town. Tomorrow night we go to see U2 in Manchester. This is a surprise gift from Lando C - who didn't take me to see them the last time he had tickets... At last his misdemeanors may be forgiven. No really, I am the luckiest girl in the world! That concert is going to be huge.

Finally, on Sunday we're going to see Greenday in Milton Keynes at some big festival of rock where no doubt drum kits (and ear drums) will be destroyed in their honour. We're staying at a hotel that night. I love staying at hotels.

Seeing all these bands made me think about the gigs I am missing this time round who I'd really like to see. Although I really appreciate my road trip ahead - it's always about what you can't have isn't it? A trip to Ebay may be in store, especially as we aren't going to T in the Park this year.

Here's the missed list:


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