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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Converse All Star Kills Zombie

A dream. It was some time ago but didn't frighten me like it could have. I dreamt that there had been some world-wide catastrophe on the scale of Hurricane Katrina, but just everywhere. It must have been some time in the future because we had built robots to collect all of the dead bodies and bury them in giant holes in the ground.

The creepiness of this dream reached the next level when the robots, having the benefit of artificial intelligence realised that they could gain an independent energy source from processing the limbs of the dead bodies. The problem was all the dead bodies had been buried, so they captured some of the living and implanted them with a micro-chip that turned them into zombies. It was the job of the zombies to hijack the rest of us and turn us over to the robots, so they could swipe our limbs and steal our energy.

I went to my brothers house to hide from the zombies and be with my family. I managed to avoid several zombies on the way, as luckily it was night time and very dark outside. I also seemed to have in my possession two silver pistols with just a few bullets although I couldn't tell you where they had come from. We boarded up the house, although we knew they were coming. We were all very scared.

Eventually, the zombies descended on the house, prizing open doors and windows. We managed to back ourselves into one room, trying to survive but really knowing deep down the game was up. As one entered the room, I dived out in front with my two silver pistols blazing. I am not sure what happened next, but one of the bullets seemed to ricochet off the zombie and headed right back at me at speed. Quickly kicking my leg up, I kung fu'd my foot at the bullet and it rebounded off the sole of my Converse All Stars and hit the zombie right in the head.

And then I woke up.


Blogger Kat said...

You have hella cool dreams. The coolest one I ever had was this: my mom was running a mutilation factory. She was putting severed legs on an (dis)assembly line thing. Scared me when I was six, but it's kinda funny to me now.

Nice blog, keep it up! :)

9:14 pm

Blogger ultrastar175g said...

Oooo - that is the stuff of nightmares indeed. I wonder what puts these things in our minds.

Thanks for reading!

8:47 am

Blogger Sidd Rawte said...

It's your old buddy Sidd,
Since were on the topic of crazy dreams...I had a weird baseball dream. I was watching a baseball on TV, but instead of balls, people were being used! People were hurled at the batter, and he hit them over and over again! One particular Japanese player (Hideki Mastui), got hurled a Harajuku girl...Random!!!!
These dreams would make some great horror movies, no?

9:56 pm

Blogger ultrastar175g said...

I watched both Halloween and Friday the 13th the other night and our dreams here seem more entertaining and much scary than either of those.

Can't quite summon up the courage to watch any of the Saw movies yet though.

6:00 pm


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