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Sunday, January 22, 2006

2006 Is Moving!

At last Lando C and I have found a house to buy and our offer accepted! Not that we've looked much but after visiting the 7th place, I knew the first one we'd seen this week was the one for us. It's in Long Eaton, was built in 1938 and has some really interesting and traditional features.

We got the 3 bedrooms and a garage we were after, and had the additional bonuses of a dining room, brand new kitchen, garden shed and small soundproof workshop/den at the end of the garden to set the drums up in (now named the Grotski). It has original floorboards in many of the rooms and the pagoda on the front patio has hops growing on it during the summer - just divine!

View from the patio.

The guy who owns the house now is going to leave a heap of furniture and bits and bobs he doesn't want to take with him. Check out the strawberry planters!

The Grotski - complete with veggie patch, hidden away from main garden.

Other side of the patio. Lando C says "yeah!" to hops.

One side of the kitchen.

Living room complete with traditional fireplace and wooden floors. Cosy.


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