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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Terrible Two's - Is This A Sign?

This is the first time that I have participated in the Photo Friday Challenge.

Almost everywhere you turn in the city, there seems to be construction or preferably - regeneration - going on. Consequently, there are many blank canvases for graffiti artists around, although most of it is sadly wasted with repetitive dumb signatures or dumb racist slogans. So if you are a graffiti artist, and a good one - come to Nottingham!

I was a bit traumatised when I took this picture, as I had just pieced together a series of coincidences that had got me there.

Whilst cooking breakfast this morning, I broke two eggs, one right after the other. I rarely ever break an egg let alone two. Then checking the newspaper I'd bought earlier, it appeared that I had two copies of the same supplement. Imagine my horror as two large charicatured Barbra Streisand's stared up at me from the table. Finally, as I drove the big red van down town to take this picture, someone crashed into me which dealt their car a heavy blow and not so much as a scratch on mine (what a tank!). I then saw the same accident not two miles down the road from the one I'd just been involved in, featuring exactly the same model of car.

And the theme for this week's challenge is Signs! That's one long trip to Irony Corner. Or should that be Coincidence Corner?


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