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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Pics of 2004

In February, I lucked-out with a trip to Arizona as a birthday gift from my better-half. While Lando C sadly had to spend his daytime living it up by the free beer stand with his other sales-conference buddies, I was able to stake my place by one of the many vacant Camelback Inn hot tubs instead. It was then, accompanied by some thirst-quenching, fruit-filled, on-the-company, booze-fest, that I finally read the Canon Powershot G3 manual we'd had stuffed in a draw for eighteen months. After that, I then tried my hardest to recall anything that I may have learnt in the A-Level photography course I'd taken 10 years previously. Ice-cream headache.

Here are the best photographs that I took in 2004 and the best negative I was able to resample from my college days:

1. Before the Bee.

Summer arrived late this year and didn't leave much time for plants to flower before the Autumn came. I think I took this one in August.

2. Arizona Oranges.

I took this in February at the Camelback Inn whilst wandering around the complex. I am amazed by anywhere that can grow citrus fruits.

3. October Sunflower Seeds.

I was a bit late planting the sunflower seeds this year and wasn't too sure if anything would survive long enough to flower in the Autumn. They all developed into miniature bright yellow sunflowers.

4. St. Jordi Lighthouse.

This was taken on our annual visit to the Copa Pescadisco in Mallorca in October. We took a few days off before the tournament to take in the Island's rugged landscape and divine seafood.

5. Blackpool Pier.

Inspired by the versatility of the G3, I dug up some of the negatives I took at college. I can't believe how much crap there was and also why I had never submitted this photograph.


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