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Friday, December 31, 2004

Just Snooping...

Just taking a peek around and wanted to remember these places of interest:

San Francisco Photos by Donald Kinney
I particularly liked the pictures of China Town and Chinese Food Merchants.

This journal is as beautifully crafted as the things Eileene "Iko" Coscolluela makes.

One Point Five One Degrees
My favourite picture from Chromasia

A couple of other good photoblog sites linked from Chromasia:

My Expressions
No Traces
Orbit 1

I've just read some interesting opinions on the use of Photoshop to enhance digital photographs via Daily Dose of Imagery. The discussion in the forum can be seen via

I'm not sure how I feel about enhancing photographs. Somebody mentioned that they use Photoshop to enhance their images because the camera equipment they have is not good enough and as a student they can't afford to upgrade. However, a trip to irony corner tells us that they seem to be able to afford to buy really expensive digital image-editing software (or not as the case may be).

I am not sure how my camera equipment rates but I think it may be mid-range in price and technical flexability. I so far haven't used Photoshop to enhance my images and may only be tempted for cropping purposes. I am not sure that I would use Photoshop any more than a traditional photographer would use his developing equipment in the dark room. The thought of changing a digital image by playing with colour and saturation levels, channel mixers and curves feels a little dishonest to me. I think that I'd rather go out to take the photograph again another time when the conditions are more appropriate. How else will I learn from my mistakes and really develop as a photographer?


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