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Monday, January 10, 2005

Attention to Detail

I need to remember Lornix Photography (thanks to I Like). Lori Nix is an artist who bends the line between truth and illusion by photographing model scenes. Her work is inspired by disaster movies of the 1970s' and her life in Kansas. I particularly like Wasps for its vivid colours and depth of field. Her work displays such close attention to detail and patience for her art.

Yesterday I played my first outdoor game of Ultimate for the 2005 although I was more like a passenger on pitch than a player. The ground was nice and soft but the discs were cold and hard. I played reasonably well considering I am carrying 5 pounds of excess cheese and biscuits around my middle alone and the gusty conditions made me too nervous to play many upwind points. We won three out of four games which is irrelevant to me really but I am sure that it made playing more fun on a subconscious level.


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