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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Chaved Out - Buy This!

At the weekend, my neighbour lent me the coolest book. It's called Fruits by Shoichi Aoki and it depicts with vivid colour and vibrancy a dying art in style on the streets of Tokyo. Started from a fanzine created by Shoichi Aoki to document local street fashion, the photographs in this book are as humorous as the characters are inventive.

You can see some of the pictures at the Powerhouse Museum website. I wish I could pull off some of this stuff, although admittedly I'm far too old and not anywhere near svelte enough to dress up like any EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita). It is inspiring though. I look forward to this:

Compare these bright young things to the dull baseball-cap and tracksuited up teenagers you see everywhere on the streets of every city in Britian these days. I guess the eighties shell-suit generation didn't waste any time producing their equally uninventive offspring did they? Seems like they have plenty to write about though.


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