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Friday, March 11, 2005

Trumpets From Montparnasse

I was recently shocked (although it a totally good way) to hear The Lilac Time's - Trumpets from Montparnasse instrumental featured on the new Flora advertisements. I wonder how that all came about? After playing it to Lando C who hadn't heard it before, I checked the sleeve notes on The Lilac Time's first album where the track is from and discovered it is over 16 years old! It sounds as great now as it did then. Just wonderful.

Stephen Duffy has been busy lately that's for sure. Checked out The Devils website - a musical collaboration with Nick Rhodes. It seems Duffy does two styles of music which sit uncomfortably together, most likely because they are poles apart. I can leave the eighties-style electro-synth back where it belongs but his accoustic folk with The Lilac Time is timeless.

I'm slack on the blogging since coming back from Vegas. Work is so busy right now, I dare not get involved trawling t'internet because it all may just get out of hand. Maybe this weekend I'll get some me-time, although I also fancy getting some creative work done on the biz before the season starts.

Lando C started his new job this week and commented how 5 out of the 9 people who work there all have the same name as him. I mentioned that I always get a strange feeling when two people with the same name are in a room together. It's like my mind is telling me that those two people should feel a bond between each other by sharing the same name. It's weird because every so often, when I meet people with the same name as me, I don't feel any cosmic energy towards them whatsoever. They seem to suit their name and in my mind I feel totally nameless. He said that was something he felt too. I wonder if everyone does this?


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