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Sunday, March 13, 2005

February 2005 Highlights

Quality, not quantity.

tunes to remember feb '05

Still addicted to January's stuff. Just add this.

The Invitation - 13 Senses

flicks to remember feb '05

  • Dodgeball
  • The Lady Killers
  • America's Sweethearts
  • Viva Las Vegas

  • books to remember feb '05

    Again, still making my way through the John Peel book (darn hardbacks - you can't take them anywhere).

    As I can't go on vacation without a novel, I grabbed that book which is said to be so terrible as to be "left on underground tube carriages everywhere."

    Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Code

    I read this addictive book cover to cover in a matter of days and I loved it. I don't care what other people say, I was actually worried about accidentally leaving this on public transport.

    In February, I was also into:

    Streetart and Stencil Graffiti

    Rummaging through other people's unwanted items

    Going to Vegas

    In February, I hated being into (and since realise was a complete waste of time):

    Cereal Diets


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