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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Viva Las Vegas!

I was hoping to get some bloggin' in while I was away but hey ho...the roulette table called. Las Vegas was amazing. What a great trip! It took 20 hours to get there and it's taking about 20 days to get over the jet lag but it was totally worth it. The best pictures from the trip are now on flickr including one from Lando C who should really get a flickr account of his own seeing as his pics are marvy.

Before we headed out west, Lando C and I took a brief trip to London to visit the Tate Modern gallery and visited our friend Gordon. Highlights of the Tate included the Mark Dion: Tate Thames Dig which was like rummaging through lost & found, and also drinking a delicious glass of Little Creatures whilst taking in a view over the Thames.

After gorging myself on a sushi platter at a little restaurant in Finsbury that night, Lando C, Gordon and I went to see retro-rock bandits Mountain where the drummer gave me his stick and I nicked a guitar pick. In the morning I taught Gordon's highly articulate three year old Oscar the word "slush".

Highlights of Las Vegas included even more sushi (sushi buffets for birthday girls are free!), gargling oyster shooters (not for the faint hearted), accumulating $300.00 worth of wins at various roulette tables, a great performance from Penn and Teller, getting freaked out by the Borg at the Star Trek Experience (geek that I am) and getting thrown upside down on a breath-taking roller-coaster around New York New York. There were a million other things that happened too but I can't remember right now. All I can remember is that it was good.

This was the most retro-vintage-vegas I could find:


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