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Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Dears at the Rescue Rooms

Last Sunday Lando C and I went to a long awaited gig and despite the technical difficulties it was great. The Rescue Rooms is a terrible venue for short people so I battled my way to the front after a disappointing performance from another band I like - Ambulance Ltd (they should consider sacking their sound guy). When the lead guitarist from The Dears box of wah-wah tricks finally did gave up, the whole band did lose some of the power in their performance. It was fantastic though and I look forward to their next album.

Before we went to the gig, Lando C and I went to Wagamama's for some booster juices, health food and also to spot the famous person. Although we didn't spot any tennis stars or thespians from the Royal Theatre on this occasion, we did bump into a frisbee buddy. Waga also managed to clutch a gold customer service star from the jaws of the Hall of Hate after it was spotted that Lando C had finished his main course before our side dishes or my main course had arrived. I was too weak and withered to complain following three dull days on the cereal diet and I know that's how Waga works sometimes, but the manager kindly came over to apologise nevertheless and offered me my main course for free. Now that is customer service! Good job Wagamama! Read it and weep Ha! Ha! Bar.


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