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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Reminiscing Will Have to Do...

Today I feel pretty burnt out already and it's not been five minutes since our last holiday. I'm just going to have to get away with closing my eyes and drifting off to better places.

Whilst in Vegas, we stopped a couple of times at a convenience store just off the strip with a bar and casino tacked on to it - to pick up a few supplies and go for halfway-home pees. This was the kind of place that only the locals go to - a bit like Cheers meets Channel 4 Racing at the Kwik-Mart. The neon was moderate, it was dark and musty inside and had just one toilet for women. I liked it.

It was also the only place where I heard the Boss instead of the King.

In the corner of the women's toilet cubicle I spied this bin with a warning.

Imagine how close I had to get to take this picture! And I had to kneel on the cubicle floor too which thankfully you could have eaten your dinner off by comparison.

They say that repulsion is a learned behaviour that children develop over time and this bin signifies that be the truth. There is no way I would get closer to that bin than I had to and it wasn't the red warning sign putting me off. Lead a toddler to it though and you wouldn't have any trouble getting them to drink.


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