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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Thinking Too Much and Drinking Too Much

Too much work. Grrr! The business is has taken over my life, not that I'm really complaining.

Ok, Ok. I confess, I am complaining just a bit.

The season started last weekend and as usual we worked through Friday night before heading down to Bristol in time for the first event. I managed to snatch two hours sleep before we left and a couple of nod and dribble moments in the car but that was not enough to prepare for two days of ironman ultimate and over-exposure to wind and sun. By the time it got to bedtime on Sunday night, I was all fever dreams, night sweats and heat stroke. At one point Lando C said I started talking gibberish and lashing out but all I can remember is thinking my hands had come off and all that was left were two stumps shaped like skin cones. Freaky stuff.

Not sure I'm back with it yet. There's been a few inconvenient panic attacks which drop by just as I'm about to drop off. And I woke up screaming again last night after seeing things in the bedroom that really were only in my imagination. I wonder if writing all this down will give me allow me to sleep in peace tonight. I'll report back on that tomorrow.

Call Centre Confidential has finally hung up. I did wonder where he would go and if life could continue without the Wrapster but thankfully I Like sniffed him out.


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