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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Six Months In A Nutshell

It's gonna be a pretty large nutshell. Probably from an avocado or big mango or something.

I have been able to keep up the Flickr account (only just!) but generally it's been so manic, I have had very little time to sit back and reflect.

To illustrate just how manic it's got round here, in the last six months, I've:

1) Bought a house with Lando C and moved in
2) Acquired a rescue dog called Penn
3) Held a Canada Day party
4) Watched Lando C have a seizure and third degree heart block
5) Wasted three days at the worst ever Blues Festival
6) Retired from competitive ultimate
7) Been inspired by a trip to Dublin to give up eating meat
8) Planted a vegetable garden
9) Replaced the bathroom from hell
10) Enjoyed the new Superman movie
11) Visited and experienced Wonderful Copenhagen


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