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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Where shall we go today?

Ooo, yesterday's post was a little harsh. Deservedly so too I think, but need to calm that negative Karma. Oh, and Nottingham Panthers lost 2-1 on Saturday to the Coventry Blaze before I forget.

Sticking on the bad Karma trail, before I head for some light relief, I discovered the Kooks Museum site, housing kook ideas from all over the world. This vast cornucopia of forgotten, discredited and extreme ideas also includes a Hall of Hate among other interesting features. Also worth visiting is the Solution to the World Problem Exhibit, Schizophrenic Wing and Conspiracy Corridor.

Still not seen Supersize Me but thanks to Things Magazine, I have now seen its alter ego Bowling for Morgan. Like Fast Food Nation supressed my compulsion to eat at the Golden Arches, Scott Caswell has quenched my thirst to see the movie that made McDonald's spit chips.

Ooo and I forgot another thing. On Saturday night, coming back from a few JD's and some magnificant bar pizza after the game, our cab driver got busted by the rozzers. As soon as I saw the flashing blue lights reflecting on the partition glass in the black cab, I got this instant feeling of guilt - "oh my god, I'm being drunk driven". Then I swiftly realised that being drunk driven isn't a crime, but your cabbie taking a no left turn at the train station is. After 10 minutes, sitting in the back of the cab with no driver wondering what the hell was going on, the female cop popped her head through the window, explaining that we'd be off again in about two minutes but he'd been caught doing "something". JD spoke rather lose lipped (or was it me?), "for using his mobile whilst driving?".

And we continued our wait again, for another 15 minutes. It was worth it though, our cab fair home was half of what it usually is and soon there'll be one less lunatic on the road to worry about.


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