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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Political Knitting - An Act of Rebellion

As reported in the Guardian yesterday, "If more people knitted, the world would be a more peaceful place." Sadly, I'll be off to Vegas when the Knit 2 Together exhibition opens at the Crafts Council Gallery, London N1, on February 24. In the meantime though, I can knit my own Purse Hand-Grenade with this easy to follow pattern.

Last night we watched one of the flicks I missed in the cinema from 2004 - Dodgeball. There wasn't as many one-liners as I'd hoped for but visually it was hilarious. I do now wonder if Justin Long is capable of having children anymore. The movie reminded me of Ultimate so much, the ADAA (UKUA? WFDA?UPA?), the random team names, how everyone gets excited about getting team shirts made and going to indoor practise in a stinky gymnasium. I would be suprised if Ultimate had been covered in Obscure Sports Quarterly.

Tonight we're going to the Broadway to see Sideways and catch a bit to eat in the Mezz.


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