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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cereal Killer

Where have I been for the past seven days? Last Thursday, I nursed a pretty severe beer injury - or should I say Banrock Station assault, all from drinking at home. I wasn't home alone but I may as well have been because the next day I felt a similar kind of embarrassment and self-loathing.

So, Thursday I vowed to give up the booze and go on that diet I've been wafting around the past month and a half. At least until Vegas (did I mention I'm going to Vegas?) when I can go on a feeding frenzy and not feel too bad about those extra pounds. So, the next day, Lando C and I started the Kelloggs Two Week Challenge even though I hate cereal and he doesn't need to lose any weight. He hasn't given up the booze like me - he feels that's a bit militant. I on the other hand am just about ready to kill someone.

So far I have gained two pounds and then lost two pounds. I've got one week and one day left to go and in the meantime I have to live with the fact that I can barely concentrate, I keep going deaf in one ear and I feel a nauseous buzzing sensation from time to time. I am debating whether the Kelloggs Two Week Challenge is going to make it into the Paradise Circus Hall of Hate but I should wait up for a few days and see if my body has any intention of giving any of itself up.


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