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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Urban Art - Roadside Rose

Today I was able to take the image I'd hoped to take at the weekend were it not for the Sunday lie-in calling me as usual. This metal rose is bolted to the railings at the bottom of Huntingdon Street outside the petrol station on the corner. I spotted it last week although it hides itself well from passers-by being fixed so close to the ground.

I've been wondering why it's there, thinking maybe it was a piece of uncommissioned urban art. I liked that idea, especially as I've been thinking of drawing together a series of photographs capturing random acts of art that seem to be pop up in urban areas, and then swiftly get removed by the council.

Now though, looking at it again and where it is situated, I think maybe it is a permanent wreath dedicated to someone caught in an accident at the pedestrian crossing there. There is another crossing a bit further down the road outside the ice-stadium that constantly has withered flowers tied with sellotape and string to the railings. It makes me feel sad every time I drive by them.

This roadside rose is a little bit rusty and looks really out of place, and whatever it is there for, it must be very personal to someone. I think it is quite beautiful. I've put a couple of other images which show its colours and how it is fixed to the railing at Flickr.


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