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Sunday, January 30, 2005

December Highlights

So I figured that I'm not so adept at html or this blogging template to archive retrievable "flicks to remember", "tunes to remember" and "books to remember". The best way round this, although I've not thought it out very well, is to post a highlight reel at the end of every month so that I don't forget anything. So here's December's " remember"

tunes to remember dec '04

Free the Bees - The Bees

Up at the Lake - The Charlatans

Tis' the Season - Los Straightjackets

flicks to remember dec '04

  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Hard Core Logo
  • House of Flying Daggers

  • books to remember dec '04

  • All Families Are Psychotic By Douglas Coupland

  • In December I was also into:

    Reviewing the best bits and bobs of 2004

    I Like

    San Francisco Photos by Donald Kinney




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